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Good Food Good Mood

By: Dr. Gerber

Our brain requires a constant supply of fuel. This ‘fuel’ comes from foods we eat. And foods are the building blocks that affects the structure and function of our body and ultimately our brain.

Simply put, emerging research is showing “we are what we eat” and influencing the gut-brain axis is becoming an important step to improve mental health. Recently, it was found that the composition of bacteria in our gut can influence health symptoms like depression and anxiety. Because of this, changing your diet is an important way to help improve our mood.

This research suggests that specifically eating fiber, through fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and probiotics change the composition of bacteria in the gut that influences the brain and has a host of other benefits. Eating fiber helps support digestion, weight management, blood sugar regulation, and reduces risk of disease. The research found that “An individual who does not consume enough fiber, may experience a decrease in butyrate producing bacteria, which leads to symptoms of stress, inflammation, and potentially depression.”

“The evidence points to the fact that eating healthy, doing a little bit of exercise and taking mindfulness breaks can have benefits.” To sum it up, a healthy diet contributes to a positive mental health mindset. Remember, we want to treat the whole body; not just the mind. Read more: ;


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