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We are recognized experts in performing a variety of psychological evaluations.  We are experienced in making the appropriate diagnosis and developing useful treatment recommendations for you based on your needs. We tailor our testing process to the individual, to ensure we are addressing your unique needs. We specialize in the following types of testing:

  • Family & Parenting Capacity Assessments: At Interaction Dynamics, we are skilled at conducting child custody evaluations, parenting capacity assessments (PCA), parental bonding assessments and adoption evaluations to help determine the course of action that will serve the best interests of children.

  • Psycho-educational assessments: We have specialized training and experience in testing for diagnosis and re-evaluation of

    • Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

    • Learning Disabilities

    • Testing for accommodations in the classroom and support services

    • Testing to qualify for extended time and other test accommodations on exams (the SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and other standardized tests)

  • Cognitive-emotional evaluations provide a holistic picture of the individual and aid in differential diagnosis to identify treatment priorities and how to best work with other professionals to the client's benefit. 

  • Organizational Assessments: For several years, Interaction Dynamics has been successfully helping employers to maximize the effectiveness of their employees.  Our independent evaluations identify what may be hindering the employee from getting back to work after an injury or emotional trauma, and delineate the steps necessary to help them return to work. Our evaluation services for employers and employees include

    • Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

    • Fitness for Duty (FFD)

    • Worker’s Compensation Evaluations

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